Sunday, February 12, 2012

Poppin Redish + Vibrant Royal

Seeing how I was able to wear this outfit while in naija makes me miss Nigeria and Summer so much, the weather here has been kind of suckish lately. From extreme cold to Spring like weather, like make up your goddamn mind already.Thank god I have my hot coco to fall back to when I'm home, otherwise who knows what ....enough of my rambling. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments XOXO

Top Asos
Skirt F21
Loafer MMC
Purse & Accessories Vintage


  1. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oooh, this looks a lot like summer! love your loafers.


  3. Love this look, especially the skirt!

  4. Gorgeous. Love this mix of colors.

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  5. You look amazing i love your hair <3 x

  6. I take a look on your blog, and I have to say you definitively know how to play with colors and which one fit you very well !! Here I love your shoes, I have the same but with sequins :)
    Your hair look amazing !! (sorry in advance if my english is bad :S)

    Peace out from France

  7. Thanks ladies. @Patience I definitely will

  8. Waou, I want the same shoes!! This looksis definitely made for you, you look gorgious :)


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