Wednesday, January 25, 2012


getting back to the swing of things after a long trip like this is always still on africa time, waking up at odd hours and going to bed early..yet there is a million and one things to be done...need to get back to pre vacation mood quick but its kinda hard cuz im still having a rebound...wish my vacation could have extended a bit longer...yea right!, missed all the wonderful people i i just have have to accept that im back to reality...that reminds me, gotta hit the gym sharp sharp...hope everyone is having a great week...xxoo
                                                           top: vintage
                                                           shirt: f21
                                                         purse: vintage


  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE ur outfit!!! So cute!!!

  2. Beautiful girls, ur green shoes are wow, come and enter my give away ,good luck

  3. love it! are you losing weight? looking good

  4. thanks ladies, @Mousse sure I will @Doll I think so probably because of stress hehehe, lets get together sometime soon.


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