Sunday, August 28, 2011

Still here...

  To say that this past week has been one heck of a week is an understatement but hurricaine Irene has come and go without any major damages definitely put everybody on their toes but i`m still here, THANK YOU LORD!!  So after I have survived my first earthquake and hurricane I feel like I can conquer anything. Looking forward to the start of the semester.I`m exicted and nervous at thesame time cuz its my last.But at least i know at the end of it all I can pack my bags and spend some times in nigeria and hopefully snag some opportunities while im down there.Cheers to the new week and new school year...xoxo
                                                   Pink Blazer &Earrings:Vintage
                                                         Trouser Pant: HM
                                                          Accessories F21
                                                          Foody Bag: Aldo

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Additions=These

This has been the best summer yet, I get to do things I like with the people I love. What more could a girl ask for? Well i decided to treat myself with some new additional goodies to my closet, they're soooo yum i can't wait to put my feet in them. Omg I'm loving  Jeffrey Campbell shoes right now, especially "LITA" they're a must have shoe for the fall...
                                                         Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita'
                                                         Jessica Simpson 'Colie'
                                                                F21 Purse 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three is not a CROWD 2!!!

Swimming, laying by the pool, cooking and eating good Nigerian foods(what do u expect when 7 girls get together and )Swimming(again). Making silly videos. Dancing to bey "who run the world". swimming.:). Sleeping till 12noon and then getting woke up by a ridiculously loud sound. (Thanks a lot!)Swimming at the beach. Playing with the waves. Getting an unwanted tan(like i`m not dark enough :))Going to a crab fest.Taking a tour of the city...Going to the seacret.(the beach club). Getting rejected at the door.(not me..:) haha! ).Driving a fast race car,which BTW i took the third place and that's pretty darn good considering how many people i beat out. Taking one last quick dip before heading back home.Yea well that's kind of the summary of our trip. We took literally over a thousand pictures, I tried my best to narrow it down and this is what i finally came up with a lot still!
In close I will like to use this chance to thank everybody that has visited my blog...Your supports has given me the extra boost do continue blogging. THANKS A LOT...

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