Sunday, July 10, 2011

In Living Color.

Hello beautiful people, how is your summer going so far? Hope everyone is staying out of the hot sunny weather and staying cool. My summer is going great thanks to my family and friends, what would I do without them? They make my day every time we do impromptu things. This past 4th of July weekend was hell-a fun…from one cookouts to another and different events. I honestly wanna say summer is my favorite of the seasons, but I also say that during the fall and spring for its own reasons…what can I say guess I can be inconsistent. hehehe….In this pictures I wore..
                                                            HoneyComb Top
                                                                F21 Skirt
                                                            Two~lips Shoes
                                                            HM Accessories



  1. you look so stunning, I love the blouse, the shoes of course becus I have one...your skin tone is so glowing and pretty. you all look great!

    thanks for stopping by.
    xo Miss Dior

  2. u are so ur outfit!

  3. Vicky!!!
    Didnt Know you had a blog
    Small-Small World


  4. Thanks ladies...@Stephanie yea I do, just started blogging a few months ago, still a work in progress though. You have a nice blog doll. xo

  5. omg! all of you look pretty! very very gorgeous all the outfits!

  6. love the color combination...very nice


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