Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jumpin’ In Pink

 This pictures was taken on my recent trip to home country. my look mixes two of my favorite things, HOT PINK and PEARLs.and yea love  love jumpers , i think its a mixture of feminine and masculine but neither overshadows the other.
         hot pink heels -Two~Lips
                 jumpsuits - H&M
                 Pink clutch -Aldo
                 lipstick - Revlon
                Pearls - Forever21


  1. love those shoes !!!! amazing xoxo

  2. love the shoes! and the outfit is great. :)

  3. thanks ladies:) free to follow me and check in anytime for more post.

  4. hey my dear,pls check out my blog.I have featured you at MOUSSE CHOICE


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