Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jumpin’ In Pink

 This pictures was taken on my recent trip to home country. my look mixes two of my favorite things, HOT PINK and PEARLs.and yea love  love jumpers , i think its a mixture of feminine and masculine but neither overshadows the other.
         hot pink heels -Two~Lips
                 jumpsuits - H&M
                 Pink clutch -Aldo
                 lipstick - Revlon
                Pearls - Forever21

Getting Acquainted

Wow, where can start? I`ve been meaning to start this blog for the longest time but things have been getting in the way. but its spring which is my favorite season of the year because it allows you to wear different shade of color which I love. anyways leopard prints are so in season right now and I think they are here to stylez is a mixture of punk and chic and colors just whatever`s hawte and it always come out looking fab…and might i say that I love heels, in fact I think I walk better in heels like totally. in the winter I like to mix several pieces with lots of pattern and scarfs .

I’m wearing forever blazer
victoria secret leopard wedges booties,
american eagles scarf 
honeycombs hideout gray skinny jeans.
check back here on a regular basis for more of V…xo